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A challenging career in management information system which will provide opportunities to utilize my analytical and technical skills.

Master of Business Administration, MBA/MIS 1996-1998

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Major: MIS (Management Information System)
Cumulative GPA: 3.78
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering 1989-1993
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
Major: Electrical Engineering

ThaiName.Com Ltd (ThaiURL.Com) 1999-Present
General Manager

• Managed new projects and supervised the technical team to roll out innovative Internet based products.
• Customized Internet technology and implemented ThaiURL products according to customer’s requirements.
• Worked with the UDDI community in Canada (www.uddi.org) as an advisor for drafting the UDDI specification.
• Leveraged the ‘Web Service’ technology to be a standard service for ThaiURL
• Revised software development processes and initiated the use of development documentation for 5 software house companies as a consultant to acquire the TQS (Thai Quality Software) Level 1 accredited by ATSI : Association of Thai Software Industry
Chief Technology Officer
• Developed Multilingual Domain Name Resolving Technology as being nationally recognized as "ThaiURL" to resolve the Thai Domain Name in any standard DNS Server.
• Designed and Implemented E-Commerce both Front End and Back End for customers.
• Developed Online Registration Module and Payment Gateway Interface for customers to be able to register the Domain Name and make payment by credit card over the Internet with SSL implementation.
• Worked with the IETF working group in the US to draft the RACE specification.
• Developed Thai Full Text Search Engine.

Scandata Systems, Inc. (Ohio, USA) 1998-1999
Software Engineer

• Developed and tested the Distribution Control System Application (DCS) using ODBC, Win32 API, Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows NT 4.0 and SQL Server 6.5
• Developed an application used for the purpose of maintaining the remote NT and SQL Servers. This application can retrieve the information such as EventLog from any remote NT Server and also retrieve all information from any remote SQL Server in any domain by using Win32 API and SQL-DMO Technology in Visual Basic 6.0.
• Built the ScanData Website using MS FrontPage and Flash as a webmaster. Developed a VB application to automatically collect data from the web site to the internal SQL Server. Cookie pages also were developed using Java Script.

Seagate Technology (Thailand) 1993-1996
Research & Development Engineer

• Designed and implemented Local Area Network using 10Mbps Ethernet Technology (running Novell NetWare 3.12) and maintained LAN as a Network Administrator. Developed Client/Server application for DOS/NetWare using C++ to generate real-time monitoring report and populate data to the SQL Server.
• Designed, coded and developed plug-in software using C++ language to poll data from 30 external input-keypads as Master-Slave via RS-422 serial communication port.

Philips (Thailand) company 1992
Junior Program Trainee

• Involved in Pre- and Post-sales process. Identified customer’s requirements and maintained computers and peripherals.

Staff of Computer Club at Chulalongkorn University
Web Master of Thai Student Organization Homepage at Kent State University
Web Master of Thailand 2001
Web Master of ThaiURL.Com
Web Master of ThaiURLSolution.Com
Web Master of Thaiword.Com
Web Master of 108Events.Com
Web Master of ThaiSearch.Com

C, C++, COM, Novell NetWare 3.12 as a network administrator, Network Topology Design, MS Exchange Server,Win32 API programming, ODBC programming, Visual Basic 6.0, VB for Application, MS Access, SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, Visual InterDev 6.0, HTML, JAVA Script, ASP, Perl/CGI Programming, CLIPS Expert System 6.0, Digital Certificate, SSL, Photoshop, Wise Installer 8.0, IIS, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, TCP/IP, UDP, UDDI, Web Service, MS Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Flash.

Novell NetWare and Local Area Network March 1-7, 1994
American Datacom Limited, Thailand
LAN and Data communication June 20-24, 1995
American Datacom Limited, Thailand
Object-Oriented Programming using Visual C++ August 22-26, 1995
Isonet Co.,Ltd, Thailand (Microsoft authorized technical education center)
ISO/IEC 12207 International Software Standard April 22-26, 1995
KMUTT instructed by Mr. Stan Magee
TQS – Thai Quality Software Standard May 7-10, 1995
KMUTT : Engineering Software Research Center

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