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In My Childhood (Not a Jackson’s Album)
I was born in Cholburi in 1971, a province in Thailand. Nothing much in my childhood.. My parents sent my brother and me to a boarding school “Assumption Sriracha, Cholburi”. It was fun there.. I met a lot of friends.. It’s such a great experience I couldn't tell you all here.. I left the school with the dream of having my own ZOO !!!.. Don’t ask me why.. coz’ I don’t know either...

In Highschool and My Teenage
Here is the real beginning of my life.. I completely fell in love with the music by picking, Guitar.. My father bought me my first guitar when I was 14.. I addicted to it and almost dropped my school and went for it to be an artist.. I had my own acoustic band when I was in the high school, Darunpittaya Bangkok. I had a chance to get to know Tor and Tik there. They became my closed friends. Both of them could play guitar very well. I was inspired by them. They helped me improving my finger style.. and we finally set up our own acoustic band.. I still remembered that they wanted to change my nick name to something beginning with the letter “T” to get along well with their names. Sound funny huh.. In 1988, we decided to participate in the RS acoustic contest.. we got the second place from that... We also had a really good chance to perform a concert at Ramkumhaeng University in the month later. That was so exciting and still in my memories.. we kicked off the concert with a song of Jim Croce “I’ll have to say I love you in a song” and then “Time in the Bottle”, “April comes she will” the song of Simon and Garfunkel....

Life at Chulalongkorn University
I consider it a really good chance to study there. I was in the faculty of Engineering. It was a tough time for me coz’ I was studying among my genius-friends.. Oh boy..I really loved that tough.. hahahah Anyway, I finally graduated from CU with a pretty little GPA. I had a couple times to reunion the band with Tor and Tik coz’ they both got into Kasetsart University.. Anyway, they invited me to join their concerts from time to time such “Rub Nong Mai” at Kasetsart U. and a couple times in the “Nine Gears Sport” event. In my senior year, I composed a song for my EE department and played it with my Ovation “Custom Legend” 12 strings in the EE night.. That was a great time for me...such a wonderful night...

Working for Money
After my graduation, I worked for Seagate Technology Thailand.. started out my career as an engineer.. I worked there for three years.. pretty long..but time goes really fast though. I met my big brother there, P’Sommai.. He was a really good guy I’ve ever seen..!!! After I worked for a long period..I decided to go abroad to acquire the Master's degree in the area of business.. I quit from Seagate in May, 1996 and had two months off to prepare myself for studying abroad.. At that time I was really interested in scuba diving.. so I took an open-water course at the PADI authorized school in Bangkok.. That was really fun..I had 4 dives before leaving the course.. My brother and I also took a course of windsurfing at Pattaya for a week before I went to the US..really great..!! You got to try this stuff man..!!! It’s really tough..

Life in the US
I came to the US in June 1996.. studied an intensive English course at University of Denver, Colorado for two months..Nothing much that I got from that course but experiences.. I lived in Denver with an American host family, Dr. Bill and Mrs. Elle for a whole summer..That was really really great time for me.. I went to Royal Gorge (The highest suspension bridge in the world), Garden of God, Mesa Verde, Maroon Bells and Rocky Mountain.. I camped on the Rocky Mountain for 2 days with Dr. Bill, Mrs Elle and some of my friends.. It’s really cold up there.. it was so cold that I couldn’t sleep in my tent.. I had to get off the tent and got into the van to sleep instead.. Huu..zz.zzz.zz Then, I had a chance to go rafting with my friends in Arkansas River.. So fun.. Before I left Denver, I bought a new guitar there also.. and then I moved to Ohio to begin my MBA program at Kent State University. Life is so fun here. We had only about 15 Thai students in Kent.. Travelled again during the winter break..drove to the southernmost "Key West" in Florida and stopped by big cities..like Atlanta, Nashville, Savannah...also I went to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, I visited Martin Factory and then went to NewYork and D.C. during the spring break. I can’t remember exactly when but I had four days off to drove to Niagara Fall..I made a trip to Seattle last summer and went up to Cannada also.. Alright I would get off the line here..So now you guys know about me a lot better.. right..!!! :P



Here I am !

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